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Name:my name is aiden lee
Birthdate:Feb 23

✭ D O Y O U B E L I E V E I N M A G I C ?

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alex burrows is superman, being emotionally invested in boys over flowers, being emotionally invested in hockey, bruins/canucks = otp, chunface's badass-ery, chunface's chunglish, die in a fire stephenie meyer, eddie c and goo jun pyo are bff, haeface, jaejae needs a hug, kes/looch/burr, kibum's badass-ery, kibum's dimples, kihae is that you?, kihae makes the world go around, kim bum's dimples, milan derpcic, my name is aiden lee, needs moar kibum, okay we can!!, rpattz says relax, share me music wiz me?, to third base with micky chunface, tully's friend... u know tully?, what tiem is it? jw., why so adorable?, why so blue kim junsu?, 슈퍼주니어 featuring 50 cent
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